Everyone has their own body ideal

but it’s not easy to challenge yourself

and that ideal will just end up as a wish.

On the contrary, it’s so easy to run away
or give up.

That’s why we are here to support you
through the challenge. 

Things that are hard to go through alone, will be easier when you have someone with you. 

We will always challenge ourselves
and never give up until the ideal come true. 

And then, we will cooperate to challenge ourselves with all our might.

And so we believe that we can succeed together with our clients.


121 FITNESS JAPAN’s challenge is to 

Improve muscle deficiency in indonesia 

Most people in Indonesia in modern society have not realized that awareness to their health is important. Japanese people tend to walk everyday, but Indonesian people don't. In Japan, after you reach 20s, muscle will be weaker. However Indonesia has worse situation, due to the lack of exercise.

Therefore, we want to help Indonesian people to make exercise as their habit.


“It is too hard so I give up.”
“I don’t have a specific goal, so I don’t know what to pursue.”
“My weight does not change, so I lose motivation.”

Have you ever think like this too?
It is indeed very difficult to discipline yourself.

121 FITNESS JAPAN understands the importance of a good support system. We will assign a professional to give you support and advice throughout your journey, plan your training menu and train you effectively, so you will find the strength to attain your targeted body goals in no time. We also provide private rooms to create a more focused, detailed, and personal training environment.


About 80% of a successful body transformation
comes from a healthy diet.
Even with workouts, the result won’t come out unless you keep a correct dietary habit.
The result will come if you combine workout and food control.

Nutrition Support 

Your personal trainer will monitor and provide you with advice on your dietary intake and information on nutritional values for your daily choice of meals.
121 FITNESS JAPAN's diet plan
is not “do not eat”
but “to eat what you need in the right amount”. 

When you have questions about food or confused with what to eat,
contact your assigned personal trainer!
We will help you every day.